'Art & design need to have a living soul that inspires people, touches their heart and maybe even gets them closer to who they really are'. - Coen

Coen Hamelink | illustrator | illustration

Welcome to my portfolio website!

Hi, my name is Coen Hamelink. I'm an award winning illustrator & graphic designer from Amsterdam area, The Netherlands.
For years I create all kinds of illustrations, visual and graphical designs for diverse clients, like (educational) book publishers, animation studios, theatre groups and companies.
I help people visualize their ideas in an attractive, clear communicating and colorful way, full of atmosphere and a light, warm hearted touch.
As a highly sensitive person and committed creative thinker, I'm also a great sparring mate to generate new ideas and concepts.

How can i help you?

Some of the services I provide:


illustration & Visual Concepts

Do you need an illustrator for your (children's) book, music or theatre poster, a character designer, concept artist or art director for a large project? Feel free to contact me.


creative advice 

What else is possible? Do you need a creative sparring mate for your new product or service? Let's play! Hire me for a brainstorm session, creative chat or advice.


Logo & graphic design

Are you in need of a brand new company logo or an unique designed cover for your book? Poster, brochure, social media items? Let's discuss the possibilities.


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Call or email Coen Hamelink  |  illustration & graphic design  |  t: +31 6 28 26 79 82  |  e: coen@coenmeteenc.nl  |  w: coen.graphics
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